Cast iron "WOK" 340x155 mm 8 L Syton.
  • Cast iron "WOK" 340x155 mm 8 L Syton.
  • Cast iron "WOK" 340x155 mm 8 L Syton.
  • Cast iron "WOK" 340x155 mm 8 L Syton.

Cast iron "WOK" 340x155 mm 8 L Syton.

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Kazan: Ohne Deckel

Technical data:

Casan: diameter 340x155 mm, volume 8 l, weight 4,5 kg

Lid: diameter - 340 mm, weight 2,5 kg, With cast iron handle

Pan-lid: diameter 340 mm, weight 3,5 kg

Cast uncoated cast iron tableware with a special heat treatment, for the production of which the principles of our scientists were implemented and the technology for the production of cast iron tableware "Thermo" was developed (patents № 80885, 2340272).

The aim of this technology is to protect uncoated dishes from the action of food acids that cause oxidation processes, to achieve an optimal combination of strength and plasticity of products and to obtain a uniform and classic matte black color of our products.

With a very low thermal conductivity for metal, cast iron heats and long retains heat, which is equally razpredelyaetsya all over the surface of the dishes, which is very important for cooking any kind of heat. Even heating prevents food sticking, especially when cooking, for example, meat, poultry or pilaf.


Economical: The above average heat capacity allows you to save energy for cooking food in the cast iron cookware strong heating is not required, the products are cooked on low heat. And some of the dishes, such as pilaf, vegetable stew and all kinds of porridge generally not brought to the readiness of the heat, and leave in the kazan or pan under the lid. However, all parts of the kazan (bottom, walls, lid) retain heat for a long time, so when you put it on the table, you can be sure that the food will stay hot for a long time.

Environmentally friendly: cast iron has long been considered one of the best materials for making dishes, which can be used for any heat source, while heating to any temperature, it is not toxic. It can not harm human health!

 Durability: cast iron is more durable because it is virtually non-deformable! No fear of overheating and mechanical damage!

Each mold is created by casting melted at 1400 º C, rare metal in metal molds (cocktails), which are manufactured on modern unique technological equipment and have a unique geometric shape, which also make it possible to obtain the finished product correct for shape and size. After casting the metal into the mold, the product goes through a long series of various technological processes. Only products that have passed strict quality control are offered for sale.


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