Healthy lifestyle ordering chart. Lyrin24 has been serving the European healthy lifestyle market for over 9 years. The earned order table has become a favorite point of interesting solutions for our customers. We worked with the developments of Nikolai Grigorievich Lyapko for a long time. Yes, yes, these are the famous Lyapko applicators. This is a famous means of drug-free treatment and prevention of the body. We were and are the first in Germany. And now we are proud to offer you new solutions. Lyrin24 has long studied the healthy lifestyles of the Eastern peoples of the world. And one of the most important factors was the symbiosis - the unity of healthy food and pure nature. Therefore, we are ready to offer you the main tools for making healthy food in nature - tandoor and barbecue. No chemistry. Only natural organic products on natural organic wood and charcoal. And very soon to our 10th anniversary, we are pleased to present you new interesting accessories for a healthy life.