Cast iron Syton

Cast iron without coating with a special heat treatment for the production of which implemented the principles of our scientists and developed the technology for the production of cast iron tableware

 "Thermo" (patent number 80885, 2340272).

The purpose of this technology is to ensure the protection of cast iron tableware without coating from the action of food seule that cause oxidation processes, to achieve the optimal combination of strength and plasticity of products and to obtain a consistent and classic matte black color of our products.

Manufacture cast iron tableware utensils was engaged in a very long time. The first information about the appearance of cast iron tableware dates back to the IV - VI century BC.

With a low thermal conductivity for metal, cast iron tableware heat and long retains heat, which equally heats all surfaces dishes, which is very important for cooking any type of heat. The uniform heating prevents food sticking, especially during long cooking times, such as meat, poultry or pilaf.

Cast iron Syton


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