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Foot size37-40

Length (cm)25,2

Width (cm)10

Needle pitch (mm)5

Number of needles (pcs)1494

Foot material medical rubber

Needle compositioniron, copper, nickel, zinc, silver


Color blue, red, orange, green, blue


Warranty period 12 months

Manufacturer Manufacturer of Lyapko

Country of manufacturerUkraine


Included with insoles are slippers, for fixation and ease of use.

The original and special applicator. The uniqueness of the applicator is that between the needles at a pitch of 5.0 are rubber limiting rollers. Their specially selected size doses and corrects the force of the impact of the needles on the reflexogenic zones of the sole, preventing and excluding the possibility of skin damage. 

This applicator stimulates natural abilities of the organism to self-healing, restores and normalizes functions of all organs and systems, awakens our "inner doctor" to action, overcomes hypodynamia and its consequences.

The "Insoles Plus" applicator is a health-improving system that is suitable for everyone, without age, gender or weight restrictions! The plantar surface of the feet is a special micropuncture zone of the body.  On the foot are biologically active points, projections of all organs and systems, the impact on which, using the applicator helps to normalize their function.

The insoles can be gently stepped on, you can stand, walk on them, take a shower, as well as baths with decoction of herbs or saline solution.

Putting an insole inside a cotton sock (size 27-29) and putting it on the foot, while sitting, you can roll objects on the floor, such as a rolling pin or a glass bottle to optimize the action.

It is very important that the insole makes contact with the entire foot. To evenly press the insole to the foot, in the area of the arch of the foot, it is necessary to put a cotton or gauze padding under it. Insoles should be purchased to the size of the foot and larger, so that the toes do not protrude beyond the foot, because the fingertips are very important biologically active points. We recommend to look at the largest size in the family.

Comfortable to use, you can put absorbent cotton between the applicator and the slippers at the level of the zones to be activated. 

But although it is possible to treat isolated areas of the feet, the best desired effect is achieved only when treating both feet. By covering all the reflexive zones of the foot, the treatment becomes "holistic" as the entire body is affected.

To enhance the therapeutic effect, you can put a tissue layer on the insoles - 2-3 layers of gauze or a rare cotton cloth soaked with a solution of medicines, herbal decoction, saline solution.

 "Insoles Plus" can also be used on any part of the body: on the back, abdomen, under the calves, thighs. If you put them lengthwise, you get a long applicator, if you put next to them, you get a small mat.

The time of action with the insoles is determined by obtaining the desired effect: 

stimulating (tonic) effect 5-7 min. in active motor mode (walking); standing on the insoles or intensively "rolling" the feet with the insole.

soothing (sedative) effect - 15-30 min of smooth, progressive, wave-like movements of the foot on the insole, with the initial position sitting on a chair or lying in bed.

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