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Grill Mangal "Vostochny"

Grill Mangal "Vostochny"

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We offer you an exclusive stationary grill "Oriental", which will be a great decoration of the summer area of your country house and will give you not only the pleasure of shashlik, but also an aesthetic pleasure from the process of cooking various dishes on this beautiful grill. The original design is made in oriental style that will surely surprise your guests. 

Functionally, the grill can hold 12 skewers. For comfortable use, it is equipped with an oak shelf, and for keeping dry wood in order in the bottom of the grill there is a firebox. It is equipped with oak handles for easy moving. The Mangal is made of 4 mm sheet metal and is reinforced along its entire length with a 12 mm square reinforcing rib with a decorative steel overlay. 

Working area of the brazier: 

length - 62 cm;

width - 35 cm;

depth - 15 cm.


length - 83 cm;

width - 60 cm; height - 94 cm

height - 94 cm;

weight - 35 kg.

Set consists of a brazier with an oak shelf.

Features of use and maintenance of wooden elements

As wood is a very sensitive material, it requires special care. The following conditions are considered optimum for wooden furniture:

temperature - from +10 to +25 degrees Celsius;

Humidity levels of over 45% and up to 70%.

If the level of humidity increases, the wood will swell, and mould will develop on the surface and inside the material. Excessive dryness in the air causes the wood elements to shrink. Both factors cause the wood to warp and crack.

Please note! noble and expensive oak wood requires regular care and the wood surface should be treated with special products (first treatment is done by the seller! next one - by the buyer! The market for wood preservatives is enormous, so the price range varies - the choice is up to the customer!) The application of the furniture protectant is very simple and it sticks easily to the surface. They also protect against minor scratches and damage. The finish is absorbed into the surface and forms a protective layer. By following these simple rules, you can enjoy the presentable appearance of your oak furniture for a long time.

It is the purchaser's responsibility to check the goods upon receipt - the wood should be even, with no chips or cracks. The guarantee covers all defects which are due to faulty workmanship or assembly. The guarantee does not apply to violations of maintenance, storage and operating rules.

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