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Grill-Mangal "Partner"

Grill-Mangal "Partner"

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Travel Grill, collapsible, compact, stainless steel - Partner

Material - stainless steel.

Size - 290*200*280 mm.

Weight - 3,1 kg.

Assembly time - 1 minute.

Functional features :

- Grill grate with adjustable height ( 3 positions )

- combustion chamber with ventilation holes 

- the upper plate provides protection from precipitation, as well as a heat reflector 

- handle designed for regulation and cleaning of the grid + bottle opener 

- Cover of polyester + tarpaulin impregnated with a fireproof layer allows using it as a base for the grill on any surface.

- minimal fuel consumption 

- laser cutting of metal ensures no sharp angles 

    Functionality, compactness, collapsible design, light weight - the requirements for equipment when going hiking, camping, out on a picnic, fishing, hunting.

 All these requirements correspond to the grill tourist Partner.

It allows you to cook steak, meat, fish, vegetables, boil water.

Using stainless steel will ensure long life regardless of weather conditions, as well as ease of care and cleaning.

Partner will make it possible to feel comfortable in all circumstances and will be a great gift for the man leading an active lifestyle.

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