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Lyapko application devise `Droplet`, needle step – 3.5 mm, size – 33х33mm, quantity of needles –128. Lyapko application devise `Droplet`is developed to take care about skin of face, neck and décolleté.

Thanks to the area of influence, the minimum step of needles and convenient form,  Lyapko application devise `Droplet` is recommended for massage. Due to emergence of galvanic currents on tips of needles and between them, Lyapko application devise `Droplet` actively influences face muscles and neck and tone them up. The effect of lifting is reached, the face form improves and the second chin is tightened. Massage at the cellular level is made that provides deeper penetration of active components of creams into cells of skin. The elasticity of skin is restored, therefore there is a delay of processes of aging. Lyapko application devise `Droplet` helps to strengthen cellular regeneration, nourish face skin with minerals. After the influence with Lyapko application devise `Droplet` own immune cells of skin are stimulated, the protective barrier to harmful factors of the environment is created.

Lyapko application devise `Droplet`can also be used as an additional tool in complex application therapy for impact on certain zones at various diseases, according to methodical recommendations to them. Besides Lyapko application devise `Droplet`can be used as "first aide" in case of medical emergency: consciousness loss, faints, stings of insects, for removal of heart attack, bronchospasm. The device is convenient for durable use at chronic pain and vascular syndromes. The small Lyapko applicator, being with you in a handbag or a pocket at home, at work, on the way, on vacation, is irreplaceable mean of first aid.

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