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Diameter (cm)5,1

Needle pitch (mm)3,5

Number of needles (pcs)272

Foot material medical rubber

Needle composition iron, copper, nickel, zinc, silver

Warranty period 12 months.

Manufacturer Manufacturer Liapko

Manufacturer CountryUkraine


VALC "VALIK LITTLE M" 3,5 Ag (with rubber sleeves) - needle pitch - 3,5 mm, width - 40 mm, diameter - 51mm, count needles 272. 

Specifically designed for face and scalp. It also enables treatment of practically all parts of the body (small joints of the limbs, hands and feet), for pain relief and cramps. It is recommended for use in cosmetology and for precise reflex diagnosis. The therapeutic effect is achieved several times faster than with a static application device. The galvanic current generated in the skin, at the tips and between the needles is pulsed. The flexible rubber sleeves on the sides allow for a gentler, more delicate effect on the skin.

Area of application

It is used for therapeutic treatment of small and delicate parts of the body such as head, face, neck, cleavage, chest and abdomen. Most often the Facial Roller is used for cosmetic massage of the face. During the massage the needles of the applicator affect the vascular system, which stimulates blood circulation in the tissues, metabolism, regeneration of the skin and improve cell function in general.

The applicator is used on clean skin that can be treated with a tonic beforehand. After the treatment the blood circulation in the application area is improved, pores are "opened", therefore the application of nourishing creams helps better penetration into the skin and enhance their action.

Using a roller, you can have a soothing (sedative) or energizing (tonic) effect. For a soothing effect the session lasts 10-15 minutes and covers a large area of the body surface. With the excitatory method of treatment a quick intensive effect is produced for 5-7 minutes but covering a smaller area of the body.

The standard course is 1-2 weeks. One week break. For cosmetic effect 12 courses per year.

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