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Tandoor Premium "Stone - L" in Set

Tandoor Premium "Stone - L" in Set

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Tandoor Stein

Technical specifications:

Wall thickness: 6,5 cm

Height with lid: 98 cm

Height without lid: 75 cm

Depth inside: 50 cm

Width: 48 cm

Opening diameter: 30 cm

Weight: 113 kg

The set contains:

Swivel mechanism of the lid

Adjustable air intake

Built-in thermometers

Reinforced stand Ring cross (skewer, cauldron holder)



Free: 3-level grill, 8 skewers + 1 meat hooks

Did you know that heat can not only be warm and pleasant, but also delicious? If not, you should definitely try a fire clay stove that came to us from Central Asia - the tandoor. In the Caucasus and Central Asia, it has been used for a very long time and successfully to prepare extremely tasty, healthy dishes.

What to cook

In this unique oven you can cook many delicious homemade dishes: meat and poultry; rabbit and fish; quail and game fish, crabs; tortillas and pizza; flatbread, samsa; Vegetables and fruit...

The dimensions of the tandoor even allow you to roast a whole leg of lamb. The first courses, porridge and pilaf, prepared in the tandoor, are exceptionally fragrant. There are no limits to variety and imagination in the preparation and creation of recipes. They will definitely meet your expectations. technology for cooking

The method of cooking in the tandoor is quite interesting. The food is not cooked on the fire, but by the infrared radiation that emanates from the inner surface of the tandoor. In order to cook delicious meat, fried vegetables or other food in the tandoor, it must be filled with coal or wood. After that, they make a fire and wait until the fuel is completely burned. The chamotte clay from which the Tandoor Venice is made perfectly absorbs the heat and at the end of the burning of firewood the walls reach a temperature of 250-400°С.

Thanks to the very good thermal insulation, the tandoor keeps the heat for a long time, which is enough for the preparation of delicious dishes. In addition, the dishes prepared in the fire clay oven are not only tasty, but also healthy and very useful. Also in the tandoor it is possible to prepare some dishes at the same time. The heat is distributed evenly throughout the interior of the oven and the cooking process is very gentle. Visual appearance and technical characteristics Fire clay is a natural material that withstands the strongest temperature changes. Inside the oven you can attach flat breads to roast, and with the various accessories – hooks, skewers and two or three tier racks – you can prepare many other dishes. There is a separate hook for hanging meat, and with a special forged steel ring you can cook on the cauldron.

Cook your favorite dishes all year round!

On cold winter days it is the best remedy against hunger,

cold and bad mood!!!

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Anleitung Tandoor

Eine kurze Anleitung zur Anwendung des Tandoors

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